New Official Remix: Phenomenal Handclap Band “Let The Right One In”

It’s official. This one is my first legit, commissioned remix. Super happy that it’s for friends-from-around-the-way, Phenomenal Handclap Band, and the good folks at Tummy Touch. What’s more, it’s an honor to share remixing duties with such a fine group of folks, including Eli Escobar, DJ Spun, Dennis Kane, and a bunch of other great NYC folks.

I really love the bass line from the original version of this tune, as well as the vintage synth work (which PHB have always had on lock). For my remix, I slowed the tempo down to a more leisurely, stepper pace, pulled away some of the extra instruments, and dubbed it out pretty hard. Shouts out to Matt Shadetek, who was the first person to hear this, and gave me valuable feedback regarding the direction. If you’re feeling this, support the artists and pick it up via one of the many digital stores that are selling it.

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Rhye – “Open” (DJ Still Life re-edit)

Rhye’s music is something special; delicate and understated. Maybe even a little bit too delicate for the dancefloor, which is I put this edit together of their track “Open” for use in my own DJ sets. Several of my DJ compatriots have given me really positive feedback on the edit, and with Rhye’s album Woman out this month, I thought I’d share in case any other DJs found it useful. Enjoy!

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Cat Power – “Manhattan” (Ryan Hemsworth remix)

Ryan Hemsworth is on one right now. He’s been releasing consistently great material for a while now, but this Cat Power remix really seals the deal. Taking the original from double time to half time (and from a major to minor key) this mix makes the track all that more reflective, but adds a dose of bump. Can’t wait to hear more.

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The Underachievers – Indigoism mixtape [download]

Two Underachievers posts in a row? Yeah, basically. Because you need this shit in your life, and if I have any part in making that a reality, then you’re welcome. Flat out, these guys rap their ass off, and there aren’t a whole lot of folks out there right now that I would say that about. Looking forward to big things now that they’re signed to Brainfeeder.

Download Indigoism via Datpiff

If you missed the Brainfeeder Takeover I hosted for East Village Radio featuring these dudes, Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer, Dorian Concept and more, you can catch that here.

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The Underachievers – “The Mahdi” (video)

I’m aware that posts here have been lagging of late. Part of the reason is that I’ve been more active over at the Str8 West Coastin tumblr. But I had to cross-post this one here, both in an effort to get back on the horse, and because it’s just so fucking good.

(via Str8 West Coastin)

The Underachievers may be from Brooklyn, but their new track “The Mahdi” flips the same Billy Cobham loop Souls of Mischief used for 93 Til Infinity, and the video is basically an ode to California livin’. The Underachievers’ Indigoism mixtape drops this Friday on Brainfeeder, and if the music they’ve been releasing lately is any indication, it’s going to be amazing.

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DJ Shadow All Bases Covered

For music fans and creators, there’s always something special about the artist who changes everything for you; who opens the door to new sounds, possibilities, forms of expression. For me, DJ Shadow is one of those artists. Discovering his music in my teens lead me to a great deal of the music I love today, from record collecting culture and electronic music to corners of the hip-hop universe I hadn’t been aware of until that point. Shadow has always been a great inspiration to me, and it’s an honor to be warming up for his Brooklyn appearance tomorrow.

Shadow’s DJ sets are always something special, covering a huge range of music, and all put together with serious skills on the cut, trick mixing, etc. I’ll be starting things off with a straight-ahead hip-hop set, and I’m amped to break out some rap tunes that have been neglected in some of my more eclectic sets lately. Pre-sale tickets are unfortunately sold out, but there will be a limited quantity of tickets available at the door starting around 6 PM. Hope to see some of you there if you’re coming to the show!

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Icky Doome (Shad[]wb[]x) Live Set 11/15

Brooklyn’s Shad[]wb[]w came through the show back in June for a guest set, but producer Icky Doome (1/2 of the group) has a new live set he’s been working on, and will be joining me on Thursday for a live radio debut. Sounds like he’ll be bringing some friends, likely including vocalist / namesake Shadowbox, and who knows who else, so it should be a great time. You can preview the live set via a masked YouTube clip below.

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Flying Lotus feat. Earl Sweatshirt – Between Friends

Earl Sweatshirt, easily my favorite member of Odd Future has great taste in beats. He’s been spotted on Twitter chatting about working w/ Hudson Mohawke, Samiyam & the like, and now we have this collaboration with Flying Lotus. Grab this one for free D/L via Adult Swim’s singles series, and here’s to more like this in the future!

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Friends of Friends Remixes

The way Friends of Friends are going, they’re major contenders for Label of the Year in our book. Something of a mid-year victory lap, this free collection of remixes uses R&B and hip-hop as a jump-off point to show the breadth and skill of the label’s roster. It also includes Salva & RL Grime’s massive Kanye re-fix that pretty much shut down Soundcloud when it was posted. Get to downloadin’!

>> FoF 12″ Remixes Collected <<

Kanye West – Mercy (RL Grime & Salva Remix) by SALVA

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Two New DJ Edits

I know we’re jumping the gun a little bit on the warm weather jams, but summer’s all in the mind anyway, isn’t it? Here are two new re-edits I put together of some tracks that I’ve been playing on vinyl, and wished they hit just a little bit harder. Nothing too complicated, mostly just adding some low-end, extra percussion, and teasing out the intros a little bit. I dropped both of these in my recent CCC Podcast. Enjoy the tunes!

Two New Latin Edits by djstilllife

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